Wednesday, October 17, 2012

That's More Like IT!


 Get the details of Romney's Tax Plan

 This is a quick note, I'm strapped for time so I apologize that I can't do a proper blog price. I do want to drop a line to readers about the President's performance in the debate last nite. Much better! Not as good as Biden's but much better than before. Looking at the polls I saw discussed on early morning news about 6am I would say the immediate national reaction is excitement, boarder on hoopla, and the overwhelming opinion that Obama won.

It did look like the Candidates would come to Blows a couple of times. There was one segment where Romney got to deliver a long impassioned statement about Obama's failures and Obama was not given a chance to respond. He was never able to respond to it. That's unfair because Romney's assertions are unfair to begin with. He really couches it in terms of "well he's been in for four years what's he been doing?" Just like nothing been going on. All the realizations Obama brought out about the gaint mess they had to clean up and how hard it was to get started, the wrench in the works by the oil spill in the gulf, the summer of discontent when the insurance companies organized the tea party to raise hell about the reforming health care. Most of that time of course we still had to pay for two wars. Then of course no one regards the economic stemulus as meaning anything when in fact it created 2 million jobs. Romney dismisses the creation of five million jobs in four years, but given the inertia of a depression (yes, a depression! be honest) crating five million jobs in those years was a pretty big feat.

Romney tired to make Obama's record on drilling of oil a big thing. Republicans just to drill for oil. That's a con job because they like to war for it most of all. That's what the Gulf war was about. Romney demonstrates his opportunistic spirit in saying "O 25 birds and other animals were killed by the drilling but we really need the oil." Nature is some little discordable thing. Now I say opportunistic because he's smart enough to know that oil drinking and coal mining do a lot more than just kill 25 birds or so. He knows it's about ecosystsems and drilling for oil destroys eco systems. The plant is losing its ability to regenerate life.He know that, he's willing to capitalize on public ignorance.

Obama spelled out a detailed plan to move away from foreign oil and in fact any fossil fuel over the long haul. So typical Republican short term, "we need it now" vs. typical Democrat "don't stop thinking about tomorrow." As a matter of fact, and Obama said this, oil drilling is way up under Obama and they had direct class over the facts about the amount of drilling being done. Obama also pointed out that his administration is pushing natural gas as well. That is a big thing here in Texas. All of Fr Worth is sitting on top of a huge bubble of natural gas called "the Barnet Shale" and it's being drilled extensively. That's a big thing here you can't help but hear about it all the time.

One of the highlights of the evening was Obama's criticism of Romney's tax plan and the assertions he makes that he can cut taxes for both the rich and the middle class, increase defense spending and pay for it all while reducing the deficit. Obama stressed the "arithmetic" (The Clintonian word) doesn't work out. Romney insists it does,  but the fact is his real plan obviously to do away with all social programs. That's the only way he can make it work. no more disability, medicare, social security. that's why he wants to privatize social security and turn medicare into a voucher system. If you are fifty or under you just wont have those things when you are old as your parents and grand parents did.What we are ally contemplating is the mass annihilation of the old, the poor, the mentally and physically challenged.

Romeny bogged the proceedings down in a ridiculous attempt to Blame Obama for saying that the attack on the Ambassador in Libya was a protest as opposed to pre conceived terrorism. The fact checker proved Obama right when she pointed out he did say it terrorism in that first press release in the Rose Garden the day after the attack. I really don't see what difference it makes. It was a confusing event. Obama wasn't there we have to go by what the people on the scene told us. so obviously they said it was demonstration they were wrong so what?

Much was made of the alleged Apology that the President extended to Muslims about the film. Romney spun it as though he apologized for fighting terrorism. That of course is nothing like what happened. The President early on sympathized with Muslim community in their outrage over the film. There's nothing wrong with doing that, it was stupid and unfair film. I think the Muslims are too touchy. People say worse about Jesus every day and we don't blow them up. But all the Koran burning and so on it's not bad to sooth things over and he was not apologizing for being Libya or for fighting terrorism.

Overall Romeny showed his opportinaitsic nature and poor take on the issues. Obama tended to Sermonize too much he was sharper and more to the point and more combative.


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your take on philosophy and religion, but I'm extremely disappointed with your take on politics. Biden was a boor in his debate with Ryan, a condescending and rude display.

I'm thinking deleting you from my bookmarks. I'm not sure I can stomach your cheering for Biden and Co. Please forgive me, I don't mean to offend.

Metacrock said...

don't worry. I'll still respect you after the election. ;-)

we all have our own views. I can respect the other side and allow people to have their own view point.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind response :)

Okay! I'll keep visiting but I'll breeze over the political stuff.


Metacrock said...

great let me give you one warning. we have one more debate so I may have one more critique on Tuesday.

I will probably another impassioned please before election day. I live in Texas so my vote is wasted.

Mark said...

agreed with anon. on your take on religion - but you are truly missing the boat on politics. Obama didn't win this debate and the poll numbers continue to reflect his slide in popularity. People are finally waking up to 16 trillion in debt,no coherent foreign policy,no energy policy worthy of the name,etc.etc. Planned Parenthood and his union friends are growing hysterical- things are looking up!! Blessings to you !

Metacrock said...

It's absurd to make it sound like It's Obama's fault for the debt. Bush started two wars, both of them lasted longer than WWII and were as extensive as vietnam. we had two Vietnams at the samem time, then they cut taxes so they had no revenew. The out all regulation on real estate and finance so the rich just went wild and started using houses as poker chips, destroyed the housing industry, set in motion a domino effect (come on man right love the domino theory) and caused an economic collapse.

Then Bush started the bail out the banks. Remember that? i was Bush who started it.

Obama had to clean save the auto industry that's a back bone industry. we could now allow all but one American car maker to go out of business. That would have plunged us into a great depression. Do you realize we can't make tanks in a war with without automakers?

So then we have the stimulus package, it did help some with 2 million jobs. I would have stimulated a lot more but the states screwed it up. Obama did make the mistake of allowing the states to administer it and Republican states like Texas didn't use the money properly.

we should not have to assume that all the programs we pass as a nation will be screwed up by the other party. The Republicans are playing and political game the communists played it's called "rule or ruin." meaning If you don't let me be in charge I'll wreck everything. The Republicans don't care if they destroy the county as long as the Dems aren't in.

Passing the things Obama passed was necessary. It's the Republicans fault they needed doing and that some of them didn't work as well as they should have.

Like Clinton said "we left a mess to big to clean up, he hasn't cleaned it all up, so put us back in."