Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Coward Austin Cline responds by email

Here's what he said:

Given how incoherent most of your original post was, and how ignorant you demonstrated yourself to be of what atheism is, it would be a waste of time to read anything more you might have to say on the topic.

O yea, well same you and more of it. ssssssstthththtthththt!

Gee the opportunist talking head is another Dawkins Know nothing. I'm so surprised. This is exactly what I predicted. I knew this guy was a phony from the beginning. Everything I've seen him write displays total ignorance. He's obviously never read much in the way of theology. He's one of those Dawkametnalists who thinks that if he just says theology is stupid then he doesn't have to bother to know anything about that which he criticizes.

in the old when people thought about things, we used to always figure it was the height of ignorance to criticize things we didn't know about. Dawkins has turned into a virtue. Talking head opportunist like Cline turn into a methodology.

A person who criticizes things he doesn't know about is called a fool. A person who criticizes things he doesn't know about and argues that he doesn't have to know about them because they must be stupid, is called "Dawkins."

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