Friday, September 19, 2008

That Time of Year

Well my freinds, that terrible time of year is upon us once again. Not just time of year, but time every four years. The time when America get's ripped off again because they voters are too stupid too stupid to stop being fooled by the same gang of criminals every time!

Now, Bush had four years to think about it, and he couldn't figure out that if the housing market collapsed the economy would be hurt. Now the economy is almost on the verge of collapse. Bush is putting through the largest bail out since the new deal, and republicans are so stupid they are still going to yack about government regulation. Bush put this move off last year saying "O the people losing their houses were lazy and didn't want to get good jobs and really buy houses the right way." But that's just a big stupid lie. I never missed a payment, never late with a payment. I had the money to make the payments. But the mortgage company wanted to steal the house, so they fooled around with the rules and changed them in just the right way that we couldn't make the payments anymore. Most people who lost their houses had them stolen like we did.

If Bush had done the bail out last year it would not have cost nearly as much as it will now because the major financial institutions weren't in trouble then. Now the banking system is on the edge of collapse. Yet there are still republicans clamoring about the evils of government regulation! why are are people too stupid to read about history? Every single time have gotten into a mess like this its because some idiot tried let the free market do its thing. Why can't they understand the free market works by killing people. They are called poor people, and they have to die and be harmed immeasurably when the market corrects itself.

Here we go again. another presidential campaign. More lies, more crap. It's this time every four years that I can really see why atheists hate Christians. I've seen some discussion on fundie blogs already that makes the sick.


Mike aka MonolithTMA said...


tinythinker said...

Well, at least one candidate has vowed to take the nation to the gates of Hell, so maybe there is truth in politics after all.

J.L. Hinman said...

I'm convened McCain is almost as bad as Bush. I saw thing today by an economist that says Mcain's tax cuts would leave us in a huge deficit and he still wants to give tax cuts to the rich.

Kristen said...

True enough, I think. On the other hand, Obama's health plan apparently has no visible means of support.

There are pros and cons to each candidate, in my mind. But I'm with you, Joe, in that I hate all the lies and spin, half-truths and smears. Why can't the candidates just tell the truth? Why must I choose between either one liar, or the other?