Saturday, February 02, 2008

my brother's poetry

I have a twin brother. He's a genius, but things haven't worked out for him. i truly believe he is a literary genius. At least I know he has loads of talent. He's a fine poet. I read one of his to a class in graduate school and the professor, a published poet and a poetry critic cried. Professors don't cry easily and this woman was a holocaust survivor. She said "it's a beautiful poem." Imagine Hungarian accent.

I don't have them all up yet, but enough or up to give an idea. please at lest go there and look at it! I really want to be able to show him that people all over the world can read his poetry. He needs to know this.

Artifacts: Poetry by Ray Hinman

Ray knows poetry. this is not a "roses are red violets are blue" kind of thing. His major influences are Yeats and Wallace Stevens.

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