Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I've been mentioned by Greatness

there's this really amazing big popular blog called "Technoroti" and did a search on my name and found 12 articles on me. This is over time of course. The thing is they are reporting on what is said on other blogs. This is from Daily Drivel Dump""The which I guess I also a major blog or it would not be quoted by one.

I don't usually go around thinking "O here's a popular blog I bet they talk about me." But I had reason to think thy were talkinga bout hem. Here is one of those:

The Apologetics Forums

TKKClark = new member, Christian, good person
mrsbates = old member, Christian, same age as me, good person
Gwarlroge = me = burned out on religion, but hopefully not faith...(?)

All of the arguments have been stupid as usual from both sides.

The most interesting thing that's happened is with Metacrock (a decidedly non-fundamentalist, liberal Christian who likes to say the atheists are playing "childish mind games" or something): a n00b atheist somehow said that Meta's grandmother might have been a Nazi (the details are vague), and Meta went absolutely berserk (even saying that all atheists think Christians perpetrated the Holocaust): four threads that just hate on atheists, a new "fundie" stance on truth, and a load of especial vitriol for the weirdo n00b atheist.

His new motto: "MLK didn't try to have a rational discussion with the KKK."

And he now believes the apocalypse is coming.

Metacrock has snapped at last.


And apparently, Am--one of the few respectable Christians--is well on his way.

Well that's sort of what happened. They did not say my Grandmother was a nazi per se. they said all Christians are guilty of the holocaust. In effect they are saying that since my grandmother was a Christian. If hey new her they would say she was the sweetest kindest most lovoing old granny in the world. So it's absurd to think she could responsible for the holocaust. If that's true than babmi is responsible for the gulags.

I don't really believe in the end times now, but I wanted to make of a point. The thing is why don't they quote my rational posts about philosophy and stuff? I mean they chose not to quote the previous post here arout the co deterinate. they never say "metacrock has a good argument" they only say stuff like "metacrock got upset." Granted they have plenty of occasions to choose from but stil, come on.

One thing this proves to me is people do not care about what happened, about facts, they don't' want to know the details. they want the dirt.

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