Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Poor raguments

That anynomous guy is still sending in comments trying to prove that I"m so stupid I dont' know anything and I never went to school. I never owned a book and I don't know how to read. He is clealry in the dark about the nature of dyslexia i suggest he do some basic research.

I already amitted I was wrong. I got lazy and trusted a secondary source, which led me astray. That is an unscholarly thing to do. I guess all this time out of class has dulled my schoarly habits. But what else does he want me to say? Why is he still harping on the "Metacrock is wrong" Hpothesis?

His argument that the Christians were just a small unknown cult in 135 AD (Bar Kaba rebellion) doesn't wash. They were not an unnkown cult at that time. They probably almost outnumbered Jews at that time. The real point is they were Jews. Jewish Christiaans so the Romans would have percieved them as sect of Judausm. That's what they would cover the tomb site and all venerted Chrsitian sites.

That they did cover sites with Roman things and changed the name of the city and destroyed the temple and put Roman icons on the site of the temple is beyond dispute.

That guy needs a new hobby. Hating Metacrock is not nearly as healthy as coin collecting

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