Sunday, April 29, 2007

FRitz Von Eric and the Atheists

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Fritz Von Eric was a professional westler. His career spanned the 50's to the 70's. i think he retired about mid 70's maybe early 80s. He had a passle of sons, they were all champions and all but one died of drugs or sucide.He had a "brother" (Waldo Von Eric) who was not actually his brother. Anotehr totally unrelated guy also made a career move being Waldo's faek son, so false cousin "Lantz" wrestled in tag team wtih several real Von Eric boys, whose real name was Adkisson.Fristz was master of the "Iron claw" a move whereby he grabs hold of the temples with tung and index finger and squeez for all he's worth. We used to go around doing the iron claw on each other, my brother and I as kids. The thing is Fritz was a good guy in Dallas where he was part park promoter of the events. But in other oplaces he was a bad guy, even using chairs in the wring.The athist deconversion scams remind me of Fritz von Eric because they pretend to be humanists who care about truth. But in pulling thier decon scams nothing matters. they pull otu all th stopds to isprove christainity. Their major method for disproof is to pretend to have a dramatic antipconversion in which they came to "realize" there is no God. this si suppossed to coutner a conversion story because they dont' undersatnd faith anyway so they have no idaea why experinces mean something.all one can do is sign and say O wne will the bein to listen? well they wont until they want to. Pleanty of them wanted to. The iedea that some marginal "bleiever" who never really got born again can "lose" a fatih he never had proves nothing at all.The fact that one's life can change dramatically when that peroson had always been hlepless to cchange before proves a very great deal.In the spirit of subtrafuge which is the heart of th decon scam, probalby motived by the ouije cult, liar have decided that lying doesn't mater so they just pretend to be christians. when you call it them on it spout this half backed and badly misunderstood argument called true scottsman fallacywhich doesn't apply to belief systems anyway.It's really justa matter of wording the charg right. But unblief gives itsefl away in its non understanding of the nature of belief. We can tell who loves and knows God and who doesn't. by the way they talk. Someone whose faith is strong wont say "i deiced to pray god give me a banna split and make it appear before my eyes right now' just as an exercize so I coud believe more and he didn't, so there's no god.I can't think of anything more childiish and idiotic. Do you like being ordered abotu by selfish self aborbed people who don't listen to you to begin with? NO? why then expect God to put up with it?There are othr apspects f the decon scams but what really gets me is just the idea that losing your faith woudl prove something anyway. Obivously not finding God is never a proof that theer is no God, but its cleary how finging hmi would be a proof. ig you don't find something that doesn't mean it didn't exist. if you do find it that proves it does's my page on he No True scottsman. see what all the atheists get wrong the way they use it.

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