Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Fundy is so Christ-like

A fundy named "Flynn" said ths of me on the CARM board tonight:

Metacrock will take the word of a great theologian over the word of any of the twelve apostles who were filled with the holy spirit and knew Jesus personally any day of the week. Now watch him come back and say that I know absolutely nothing because I didn't sit in on a seminary class. This person has not posted one single thought of his own. Instead he hijacks other theologians thoughts as his own. This person repeatedly tells everyone he comes in contact with on this board that they do not know what they are talking about and that he has all the knowledge in the world because he took some classes. He will attempt to use sophisticated words to make whoever he is posting with feel inferior. He told me one night that since I cant read greek and he can, this means that I do not know what I am talking about. Just read his sig line and that sums it up. The bible is wrong and he is right. Steer clear of this person. He is not here to help anyone come to Christ. He is here to express his so called intellectual dominance. Just the type of guy I would love to meet outside of cyberspace and see if he runs his mouth so freely then.

So not only is he exhibiting that Christ-like Dictim "kick the other ass" but he's taking it upon himself to warn people that I'm not sincere in my faith and I'm trying to lead them astray. why? because I use big words. For that reason I must be of satan.

Isn't it obvious these people have gone to far? I mean he's making phyical threats against me because he can't handle my arguments, like a real ape man, doing the cave man scene. He thinks he's the Pope.

I have had it with these people they are idotic fools and dont deserve anything.


LoieJ said...

God will judge, both you and them. They are not worth your time. They will take words and define them differently than you do. They will twist anything you say against you.

You are getting mad enough that you are in danger of sliding toward their level, especially when you let them bait you. Let it go. There is no benefit to you to stay in that conversation.

Turn your other cheek and WALK AWAY! Jesus didn't bother to try to convince his critics; he walked away. d

Jimmy Archer said...

A priori, I'd take the word of any great theologian over an anachronistic reading of Scripture. :P

St. Upid said...

I believe flynn is female, strangely enough.

Another interesting thing is that when our buddy Maxvel asked why she was following smokingspurgeon - AKA - graceshaker around calling him a false teacher she replied that she would now be following him around calling him a false teacher too.

And that just makes perfect sense, for you see, when the whole inerrancy thing blew up after you were booted graceshaker was labelled a false teacher for rejecting inerrancy and saying that he believes scripture is inspired by God and infallible in its message. And poor Max is a false treacher for asking questions.

In light of all this I have come to a new theological conclusion based on the implications of these events:

Sola CARM.

they even started attacking far more conservative believers like tallen and travelah. go figure. what it boils down to is an emotionally unfit admin and her cronies all overcome by sleep deprivation and pms.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

that is typical of witch huts. that's the way witch hunts work. Read about Salem or McCarthy, they always wind up going after more and more correct and conservative types until finally they go after some one too high up. So Eric Landstrum is next.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

that's shoud be witch "hunts" not huts.

Anonymous said...

Im with you, very Christ like ass kicking at CARM. Things have gone nuts over there---cant believe they havent banned me yet!

the problem is DIANE--

i got in trouble the other day by matt slick cus i said "holy crap"

tight asses