Saturday, July 22, 2006

Introducing Egalitarian Badge of honor

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Badge of Honor is a Blog dedicated to telling the story of women (and smoe men i guess) who have been victimized by oppression of sexist tormenters who rule with an iron hand in their own little cybre kingdom in thier corner of the net.

These guys are called "Complementarians." They conservative Christians who say "God love women as men,we are all equal before God, but some are more equal than others." Man's equal job is to lead and be in charge of everytying and woman's equl job, which is just as important is to keep her mouth shut and do as she's told. Naturally, they would be most offended at my puttint that way. Of course how do you think they put it when they define "egalistarian" those women (and men) who believe that equality means equlaity not some more equal than others? They define it to mean "men and women aer interchangeable." That of course, is insluting but it doesn't darw the kind of ire that my sort of definition of them draws.

This groud is about fighting an oppressive regieme on cross walk forums. I was not banned from Cross Walk but from another comp forum which is about as bad, the "Christian Complimentarian Coalition." I was banned (actually one post was zapped) from their site because I argued with them. I was very polite, but hey said I was new so I didn't have the right to disagree, so I said "adios!" I wasn't banned my one post was banned.

So I urge the reading of this site, Badge fo Honor because I think these women are brave and trying to stand up to forces they have been led coward before thoughtout their Christiain lives.

In a sense I think it's a bit stilly to find them because we all know Message board hyjinx come and go and there are a million boards, and those guys are are not going to last.Their position will eventually be lumped in with people who defend the confederacy and flat earth people. In the mean let's enjoy the fireworks. STill I support Badge of Honor in their attempt to bring justice and ratioanl posting to the Christian net.


Badge of Honor Postmaster said...

Hi, Metacrock. I really do appreciate your visit to the "Badge" and your expression of support for why I set it up.

Could I please clarify a couple of things?

First, "A Badge of Honor" is not intended specifically for egalitarians--or women--to complain about "complementarians." The "Badge" was created so that a wider audience could know about unchristlike behavior by online Christian groups and those groups' moderators/administrators. This means that ANY Christian group that engages in or tolerates in its leaders the kinds of behavior reported at "Badge" (so far, this includes only two named groups--CW and CCC) would be a legitimate group to write in about.

Second, I don't know that all those who have submitted stories so far are egalitarians. While it's not surprising that "complementarians" so far have figured so prominently in the story (given their focus on authority figures and submission by subordinates), one needn't be egalitarian to be targeted for mistreatment. I've seen that happen on both those named venues.

So...would you mind, when you next "tend your sidebar links," editing your description of "Badge of Honor"? I'd strongly prefer not to have people thinking it's only for egalitarians or for women, or that it's intended primarily for pointing out "complementarians'" boorish online behavior.

Many thanks!

J.L. Hinman said...

noted, correction put up, sorry.