Thursday, April 06, 2006

the charge of intellectual dishonesty

Those children who offered 500$ to prove Jesus existed are still ranting and raving on their board (my space) about how I"m "intellectually dishonest." I said that they could ask after my reputation among atheists who argue with me for years and know me well, and they will vouch for me. They find this even more incriminating. For some reason they seem to think that if others vouch for you it somehow shows you are guilty.

The charge itself is as childish as the junior high school students who make it. The only reason they give is because I said I have a Ph.D. and I'm really just a doctoral candidate who is one step away from a Ph.D. that's enough of a distinction for them to hang a whole theology upon. But the truth is I did not say I had a Ph.D. I said I was a professional scholar, which I am. I have been paid for teaching and I've published. But somehow these jerks can't understand this.

I'm so sick of fools. So *&^%$ sick of fools.


Anonymous said...

I think the problem Metacrock is that no-one can comprehend that the drivel you spout is related to any bona fide university study.

I am sure you could get into a university if you tried, but probably as a subject, not as a student studying a subject.

If you aren't clever, it is probably a good idea to at least be nice- which you really haven't been on a number of sites which you are indeed considered a troll.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

you thihnk I'm considered a troll? right the site where 40 assholes ganged on me and never even tried to say a single intelligent thing they think I"m a troll? O I'm heart borken. the subculture of atehist hatred doens't like me, what a let down!