Saturday, February 11, 2006

ATheists and The Laws of Physics

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Atheists cannot have a God. But many times I've seen atheitss propose that the laws of phsyics are eternal and they are what caused everything. This really sort of casts them in the role of the God that I serve. But you know what they dont' seem to understand is that they cannot have a competing god figure. It is not enouigh fo rthem to just not have the god of the Bible. They can't have anykind of God at all.

There is also another place where they are actually arguing for my position and think they are disproving my arguments. They seem to argue that nothingness could not have been a prior state to the univrse. But that's exaclty my point in speaking of a state of total absolute nothingness. I never argue for nothingess as an origin, my whole point has always been that nothingnes as a putative stae of affairs is impoissible. But they seem to think they disprove this when they, as Hans in anotehr thread, blurt out "nothingess is not possible as an origin."

In the same fashion they are actually proving my God argument no.3 when they propose the laws of physics as an erzots god, or as a competing god figure. Because my whole point in that argument is that prior to the universe's existence, the laws of phsyics can't be haning about in some abstract Platonic realm. That is most unmaterilaistic and if they think that they certianly have no room for sketpicism about God. But where else would laws of physics hand out? What are these laws but transciendnetal signifer? That's God. These laws of physics are God in every since in which I've argued for God:

(1) eternal

(2) necessary

(3) creative

(4) free in their volition (since they apparently would not be determined by some higher set of laws or the contingencies of a universe that didn't exist).

where else would they be but a mind? Given my Platonic background, would saying that they are in a Platonic realm really be so different than saying that they are in the mind of God?

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