Thursday, September 29, 2005

Exotic visitors from other lands

United States
13 13.98% Canada
6 6.45% United Kingdom
5 5.38% Netherlands
4 4.30% Australia
3 3.23% Belgium
2 2.15% South Africa
2 2.15% Jamaica
2 2.15% Philippines
1 1.08% Japan
1 1.08% Hong Kong
1 1.08% Italy
1 1.08% Egypt
1 1.08% Argentina

even though my traffic has dwendaled to less than a Trickle, more like a drip, I"m still getting a good mix from around the world.

As far as the essay below on the 60's, I want to point out that the events in Mexico that I speak of was really a much more monumental event than any of the events in the U.S. May of 68 in France was even more important. For the first time since the 19th century the capitalisitc powerstucture was almost overthrown in a real revolution when workers joined students to protest the heavy handed French government.

Not everything happens in the U.S.

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